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The OVAL flowmeter is a positive displacement type
flowmeter comprising a pair of oval gear rotors. It is
capable of metering the actual quantity of the liguid
passing through it with a high degree of accuracy over a
wide flow range and accepts any liquid irrespective of its
chemical or physical properties.
It’s accuracy, reliability, and quality has made it a highly
valued industrial instrument.

1. Simple design makes this meter easy to disassemble and
allows for ease in maintenance and inspection.
2. Introduction of a powerful magnetic coupling makes this
meter compatible with a variety of direct-reading registers.
3. Compatible with a variety of pulse generators that allows
a wide selection of remote instrumentation.
4. Can accept liquids of widely varying chemical properties
by selecting appropriate meter materials.
5. Available to wide range of operating temperature and

■  Spesifikasi

    Model :LB 554-151-B117-000
Size : 1 1/2 inch ( 40 mm )
Max.Flowrange : 10 M3/h
Applied liquid : Heavy Oil
max.Temperatur 120 ° C
Transmission System :Magnetic Coupling
Riset Counter
Weight : 34.5 KG


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