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Water meter Sensus MeiStream

Spesifikasi :
size : 50mm
Max.Peak Flow ; 90 m3/h
overloud FlowRate : 50 m3/h
Permanen Flow : 40 m3/h
Trans Flow rate : 0,4 m3/h
Min flow Horizontal : 0,15m3/h
Max.flow : 125m3/h
tandard marking : 160
Starting Flow : 0,05

MeiStream® is an industrial meter for:

Measurement for billing of cold potable water up to 50 °C
Measurement of high flow rates (e.g., in pumped pipes)
Measurement of low flow (e.g., in light load periods)
Leakage control
Sizes from DN 40 up to DN 300
Benefits to you
High overload capability
No straight inlet length necessary (U0D0 acc. to OIML R49 and EN 14154)
Installs in horizontal and vertical positions
Can be submerged; protection class IP68
Materials are temperature resistant up to 70 °C
Use of optical pulsers type OD are still possible


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